Behind the pizza

Behind the pizza

"I make pizzas because I can give a bit of me. Make happy tummies, brighten the day, join people and create special moments "

Andrea Di Bella



Pizzas Yum, yum

Artisanal, crisp and quickly.



We love the pizzas "that do not fall, crisp with the combination and balance between different ingredients and an extraordinary cheese. Made at  time. Pizza Stick started by chance. One day we stumbled ahead with this project.
At the time it was just a great little step, and gradually, we grew as people and as a company.
We were beginners and had only one thing clear: Our project had to be a reflection of our philosophy of life.
We wanted to make a pizza with soul, that was more than a simple restaurant.
And so it began our great project STICK PIZZA, MUCH MORE THAN A PIZZERIA:

  • An extraordinary product: very tasty pizza thin crust with quality ingredients. We do it at the time for you and the best energy.
  • A tremendous team: Every person working with us on Pizza Stick is a part of the machinery that makes machinery butt and work in the same direction, with the same direction. Each fulfills its function to give the best of themselves. Commpartimos many times, so we are a great team, they definitely make it big at Pizza Stick.

And together we bring our best version:

  • Help you eat well, when busier these, you deserve!
  • To feel at home in our premises.
  • A moments you enjoy "wow", making meals and dinners easier and more fun.
  • Wherever you want and how you want in the restaurant, take away or at home!
  • Here we are, rewarding your efforts, helping to fight your day with our pizzas energetic or before sports competition as a ritual of success.

Benefit from our community Pizza Stick. We want to give more than a tasty pizza. WE ARE CRISP! so subscribe to this form and have some advantages, discounts and gifts. All for you!